Speakers Corner 2

This was one of our lagest events to date, with a great lineup of speakers. The second Speacers Corner in the Barrel. This time the event was hosted in Hgb Works and the entire session was recorded by Joakim Jardenberg. It was also the first event to be broadcasted at our own youtube channel, where you even can see the recorded event. If you like us to post more videos like this then make sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to make sure you get notifications when we post our next video. Right now it looks like that will be some time in January, but you never know ;)

AI/ML Preachings with timestamps

0:11:00 Erik – Federated Learning
0:24:00 Bente – Become a local Hero with AI
0:45:30 Ray – NLP applications in Malmö Stad
1:06:00 Isabella – Pretrained CNN & NLP models
1:28:15 Markus/August – Øresund AI Landscape
1:59:45 Joakim – Foodwaste & AI
2:24:45 Emil – Building ML capabilities in a startup
2:52:30 David – Kaggle: Selfdriving Cars competiton

We hope you enjoyed this event just as much as we did. Thanks to all the speakers and hope to see you all soon again.

- Federate learning, Pretrained, NLP, Foodwaste, ML startup, Kaggleton, Self Driving Cars

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