How People Gather: Interactive visualization & Unsupervised learning

22-Nov 2017 - 18:00

Dear AI/ML enthusiasts & Barrel AI Monkeys,

You are invited to an evening about unsupervised learning and clustering explained with interactive visualization of temporal communities in real social networks. A social test was conducted at DTU (Technical University) in Copenhagen; 1.000 mobile phones were given away tracing behavioural and social interactions between DTU students.

Historically researchers have developed a number of community-detection algorithms for static networks but many networks are temporal because they represent dynamic systems with interactions that change over time, often in uncoordinated ways and at irregular intervals. This is for example the case for the university students that connect in intermittent groups that repeatedly form and dissolve based on multiple factors, including their lectures, interests, and friends. Multilayer networks in which each layer represents a snapshot of the temporal network can capture such dynamic systems and will be presented during this talk/event.

Speaker of the evening, social test and ML model owner is Ulf Aslak Jensen - a PhD fellow at the Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science at Copenhagen University with Digital Media Engineering master degree from the Technical University of Denmark. Ulf is also the 2016 winner of the inaugural Data Stories visualization competition by Science Magazine with research focus on complex networks and deep learning in computational social science.

You most likely do not need your laptop for this event but bring it with you just in case.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible for this exciting talk and event!


M, J & M Barrel AI Monkeys