Ecosystem for computer vision and video analytics

11-Oct 2018 - 17:30

In the workshop we will take a look at what the field of computer vision is able to contribute to organizations, companies and people. More specifically we will discuss the role of video analytics and share our ideas for a future, where robots, drones and applications are able to make use of computer vision to understand the world. Afterwards we can take a look at the roadblocks ahead and try to define conclusive steps to put them off the street that's ahead.

Here is a list of the agenda points:

1) What is Computer Vision, what is currently being developed?
2) What is specificially Video Analytics. Why is this relevant?
3) What are some of the challenges why there is not much use of Video Analytics so far? (Discussion Round)
4) What's my vision for video analytics?
5) How can we make this happen? Whats your opinion on this (Discussion Round)

Let's have a great discussion and workshop! I am looking forward to welcoming you.

More about me:

CobbleVision UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a German startup founded by me, Mark Christoph Schütte, in 2018. I am currently enrolled in a master’s program of International strategic management at Lund University. I also have 2 ½ years of experience within T-Systems International GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. Specifically, I worked in product lifecycle management with the goal of analyzing the potential for augmented reality in the factory and production processes.

However, after finishing my bachelors, I decided to start my own company to create a digital platform, that provides the infrastructure to connect computer vision algorithms and their developers, with the corresponding companies in need. Utilizing this, I am hoping to simplify the process of integrating such algorithms into processes of companies and society, by providing a general digital platform. Right now, the company is in its early stage, creating a team to access the market with its first prototype.

In the future I am looking to share the topic of computer vision also in more specific group (So that we have a space for discussions and roadmaps ).


The event was organised by BarrelAI: -> Its a kind group for people interested in AI. Thanks for setting it all up :)!

best regards,
Mark C. Schütte