AI as a friend?

27-Sep 2023 - 18:00

It has not gone a year since ChatGPT and we are trying to find new ways to levarage this technology. One of the use cases that has got alot of attention, is as a friend or companion. Since the answers we get are not always that reliable, perhaps this is an area where AI can help humanity...

But from what I hear it is not going to well, with businesses like Replika that put certain behaviours behind paywalls and many examples of stright out harmful suggestions from the AI. Is it possible to replace real friends with a bot? Pets do a good job as companions and maybe bots can complement them when it comes to conversations.

Join us in a conversation where we share thoughts on where this is heading in the good company of fellow mashine learning enthusiasts =)

Preliminary venue is the lobby at Scandic Hotel Triangeln in Malmö. We will post at the meetup link if we change this later.