AI & ML – Removing The Hype

6-Sep 2019 - 17:30

Best Barrel AI monkeys,

We are invited to the famous Copenhagen Techfestival in the funky Cph Meatpacking district, Kødbyen. It is a 3 days festival, with many tech talks and sessions, but also parties : -)

Three Barrel AI monkeys will give their talks on Friday 6th of Sep, 17.30-19.30 session. Interesting topics will be covered followed up with what we hope an amazing interactive discussion. Sign up.

We have received 15 free wristbands (40 Euro regular price) to distribute in the community, so hurry up and sign up here and send us also an e-mail to & so we can send you the discount code and plan for the 6th of Sep, where we meet etc. You are of course welcome to take out your wristband on Thursday and use it all three days.

Barrel AI coordinators

Please sign up both on Techfestival and Meetup links.